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Tata Punch Battery

5 Important Facts About Your Tata Punch Battery

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  • June 07, 2024

Tata Punch is the most demanding SUV, offering a blend of sporty dynamics and toughness. It has undoubtedly ruled the XUV market with manual and automatic transmission control. The car provides attractive features and great mileage of up to 20.9 kmpl. Its 187 mm high ground clearance is ready to tackle any hurdle. Punch's solid build quality and luxury design have taken the eyes of many, featuring long highway driving and covering long distances without causing any problems. The car offers robust performance, making it a better alternative to roaming inside or outside the city. This 5-seater SUV car is designed to be compact, fuel-efficient, rugged aesthetics, and, most importantly, a 5-star rating. Yes, you heard the right thing. Tata Punch has acquired a 5-star rating at Bharat NCAP, which makes it a family-friendly vehicle.

The Tata Punch battery is also designed agronomically and with the latest technological advancements to cope with different climatic areas and even rugged paths. Exploring the article will highlight facts about the Tata Punch battery that boosts the vehicle's performance.

5 Facts About Tata Punch Battery

Lithium Ion Battey
Tata Punch offers lithium-ion batteries to increase the vehicle's performance and overall lifespan. Li-ion batteries are categorized as having higher specific energy, higher energy density, energy efficiency, and longer lifespans than other battery types.

CCA Ratings
The CCA ratings indicate the battery potential to start vehicles even in colder climates. A vehicle's battery must have a high CCA rating to ignite the car efficiently in more frigid climates. Tata Punch battery has high CCA-rating batteries in its cars.

Longer lifespan
It is true that all lithium-ion batteries have a limited lifespan, and after that, they turn into waste. The interesting thing is that Punch battery are equipped with advanced technology that increases their lifespan. The battery of Tata Punch can last up to 3 to 5 years.

Extended Warranty
Extended Punch battery warranty saves vehicle owners money in the long run. Tata punch battery offers an impressive eight years or 1,60,00km long warranty to impress the users. However, the age of the battery also depends on the riding condition and riding habits. It is also said that adopting a healthy riding condition can extend the battery age.

Higher Ah
The higher the battery Ah, the better the battery's potential to hold and deliver a charger for a longer time. To avoid unexpected battery shutdown, it is recommended to choose the battery with higher Ah ratings. However, jumpstarting a car battery is a common solution to tackle unexpected shutdowns.


Batteries are the car's crucial components, which are responsible for igniting the engine and powering the electrical components of vehicles, including the infotainment system. The same applies to the Punch Ev battery to stabilize performance. Choosing the correct battery to gain the right performance in your vehicle is necessary. So, choose Tesla Power USA if you want a high-quality Punch battery with the above-highlighted features. Tesla Power USA offers high-quality batteries at affordable rates.

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