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Tesla Power Shop Franchise Products and its benefits

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  • May 01, 2024

Tesla Power USA is a prominent company known for selling high-quality batteries at an affordable cost as compared to any other battery brands in the market. Tesla Power Shop is a hybrid model of sales and service where owners deal with the sales of new batteries, the revival of old lead acid batteries and unique features of battery rejuvenation technology.

All these things are offered by Tesla Power USA having a motto of delivering effective and advanced technology in their battery. It is the very first time in India that a hybrid model is gaining rapid popularity just because of the service and quality of the products.

Delving into the article, you’ll get complete details of the Tesla Power shop. So, if you are looking to organise a well-margin shop then make sure to read the whole article but before that let’s know what Tesla Power USA do.

What Does Tesla Power USA Do?

Tesla Power USA is a United States company situated in Delaware, USA which is best known for manufacturing batteries for all segments including automobiles, inverters, power backup devices, etc at affordable rates. It uses cutting-edge technology in the batteries to impress the audience with the increased power and performance.

The profit margin to the owner of the Tesla Power USA shop is 30% depending on the product type. So, if you are looking to open a hybrid Tesla Power USA and support them in making their global presence here are the products on top priority.

Must-Have Products in Tesla Power USA Shop

Bike Batteries 

Tesla Power USA offers almost all kinds of bike batteries. Generally, bike batteries are lead-acid batteries and have a limited lifespan. Choosing the Tesla Power USA bike batteries you’ll get maximum performance and extended lifespan. The batteries manufactured by Tesla Power USA for two-wheelers are made for daily use and deal with rugged roads.

Inverter Batteries 

Tesla Power USA is one of the leading manufacturers of inverter batteries and offers a sustainable range of batteries equipped with advanced technology and various innovations. The batteries offered by Tesla Power USA have high capacity and long service life.

Car Batteries 

Tesla has a wide range of affordable car batteries that make the users feel both power and performance. Tesla has launched a powerful battery for the car through the use of various technology configurations, ensuring optimal power supply and good stability.

Truck Battery

Tesla Power USA delivers high quality and wide range of truck batteries that can withstand any weather condition and most importantly at an affordable price.

Alkaline Water Purifier 

Alkaline water is in high demand because of its potential health benefits including improved hydration, regulate metabolism, and help in weight loss. To get the best quality and mineral-enriched alkaline water, the best alkaline water purifier is always necessary. Tesla Power USA has launched a unique technology water purifier to deliver 100% safe and healthy alkaline water, ensuring wellness among people.

Benefits of Tesla Power Shop Products

  • High-quality batteries at competitive price
  • Maximum warranty period as compared to any other battery brands
  • Longer lifespan
  • Enhanced Battery Performance 
  • Equipped with advanced technology and various innovations
  • Suitable for the constant power supply 


Looking to open a hybrid Tesla Power shop? Above are some of the details including the products that must have a presence in the shop. Tesla Power Shop is one of the fast-growing franchise models of sales and services that offer high-profit margins to shop owners. A hybrid shop performs different functions like sales and service, new battery sales, rejuvenation of batteries, and much more.

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