Tesla Power USA, The No.1 Brand for Inverter Batteries in India

Tesla Power USA, The No.1 Brand for Inverter Batteries in India

Tesla Power USA, The No.1 Brand for Inverter Batteries in India
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  • Dec 06, 2021

With many years of experience in innovation and technology and meeting customer needs for energy assistance, Tesla Power USA has been a popular market leader among packaged power-solution manufacturers in India. The brand's inverter batteries are in great demand across the country, making them No.1.

The identification, however, did not come easily to Tesla Power USA. It has been achieved through investing years of experience in delivering quality performance and meeting millions of customer expectations. The wide range of Tesla Power USA inverter batteries can be used from residential spaces to commercial spaces such as stores, warehouses, and more. The brand has a wide variety of batteries for inverters to choose from, each of them comes with its unique set of benefits, power support capabilities, and warranty coverage.

What makes Tesla Power USA batteries the No. 1 brand for inverters in India?
Tesla Power USA inverter batteries are manufactured adopting the latest technology with consideration of consumer requirements, Indian climate, and economy. The following features make the Tesla Power USA brand the best for inverter batteries in the market:


1. Prolonged life and excessive power output

2. Providing well-maintained power backups for a longer period

3. Minimal failures of the plate that ensure prolonged life and less maintenance

4. Ability to combat long and frequent current interruptions

5. Ability to retrieve from the deep discharge of batteries

6. Require lesser frequency of topping-up

7. Equipped to provide better thermal management

Tesla Power USA's pan-India service network makes it easier to get an installation guide for inverter batteries and even home service.

Being an environmentally-conscious brand, Tesla Power USA offers non-polluting, recyclable batteries.

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