The Difference Between Inverter and UPS

Inverter And UPS Difference

The Difference Between Inverter and UPS

The Difference Between Inverter and UPS
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  • Apr 28, 2022

Energy is becoming a necessity in today's world. All of our everyday activities are based solely on electricity. From Usage of ovens at home to using your laptop in the office, almost every activity includes the participation of electricity and it is now an inevitable part of our life but the problem arises when this power supply is disrupted. To address this issue we have a few other methods of power generation. These power generation methods like the UPS and Inverter have been found to effectively provide us with electricity even after an outage of power.

We have been manufacturing the finest batteries which are used in these machines to keep these methods operational for a long period.

Now, the next question that comes to your mind is. How is a UPS different from Inverter or are they different at all?

What is UPS?

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is an acronym for UPS. As its name suggests, it is used to prevent the disruption of electricity caused by a power outage. A UPS system supplies enough power for the machine to preserve data and securely shut down in the case of power failure. Our Batteries are widely used in these systems for better performance.

A converter converts AC to DC and provides power in a UPS. The inverter, which transforms DC to AC, is attached to this cell. A microcontroller is supplied to manage the system's operation. A UPS system can supply power only for a short period. As a result, this is mostly used for IT technology and communication gadgets that may be harmed in the event of an outage.

What is an Inverter?

Inverters are power systems converters. Their primary goal is to transmit DC to AC. Inverters use the power supply and transform it to DC using a converter. This DC is generated and used to charge batteries. Since business and residential systems run on AC, the inverter converts the DC first from batteries to AC. During a power outage, the inverter draws electricity from the batteries and supplies it to the electronic systems. No additional supply is needed for the operation of inverters.

We manufacture top-grade inverter batteries that carry a far higher load than other forms of backup power supply.

How can one differentiate between the two?

The first and foremost difference is the time taken by the two:

A UPS can protect your computer from serious equipment failures if there are rare power outages. The change over to UPS is instantaneous, and the system does not shut down in the middle. UPS usually provides a backup for a short period of 10-30 minutes.

The UPS switches from the main supply to the batteries almost instantly, but the inverter takes longer. The switching time of an inverter is too long for a computer to cope with, and it will frequently restart due to a power outage. As a result, UPSs are favored for PCs while inverters are chosen for households, as light fixtures are unconcerned by changing delays.

The second difference between a UPS system & Inverter:

Since a UPS can only support devices for a short time, they are used mainly for IT gadgets. An inverter is used for bigger household appliances as it can power an entire household, depending on its ability.

The third difference is between these two is based on Lifespan & Maintenance:

The UPS does not require any upkeep but in the case of inverters more cabling is required and they must be replenished with pure water constantly. However, there are some of the more modern inverter models that have eliminated the need for pure water upkeep.

The downside of UPS is that even if there's no blackout, the pack is constantly recharged and drained. This means that a UPS will need to be changed frequently, while an inverter can last for years depending on how well the battery performs.


UPS are less expensive than inverters. There are several types of UPS and inverters available in the market at competitive pricing. You need to pay attention to standby duration, volume, turbocharging, energy consumption, and insurance while purchasing them.

We have been in the market for years and have constantly upgraded ourselves to keep up with the latest innovations in battery technology. Do write to us to know which UPS or Inverter battery suits your needs.

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