Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Car Battery

Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Car Battery

Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Car Battery
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  • Apr 29, 2021

Automotive batteries are considered the powerhouse of your vehicle. They provide energy to all the electrical systems of your car by converting the chemical energy of their electrolytes to the required electrical energy. The electrolyte of an automotive battery tends to weaken with the passage of time. As a result, the battery fails to power up your car. Therefore, you need to get your car battery replaced every few years.

There are a few important things to consider before buying an automotive battery:
Check Owner’s Manual
To buy a car battery yourself without involving any dealer can be economical but it will be a complete waste if you are handed over the wrong battery for your vehicle. Thus, you need to check the owner’s manual to know about the size and type of battery your car needs to prevent the battery from getting damaged.

Reserve Capacity
Always go for the Reserve Capacity that is demanded by your car’s make. This indicates the time supported by the battery to other electrical systems of your car when the engine is turned off. With high reserve capacity, a car battery can prevent itself from going dead if you forget to turn the light off.

There are two types of batteries, the one which requires maintenance and the other which does not require maintenance. The one which requires maintenance needs servicing every 6 months, whereas the other batteries are maintenance-free as they are sealed with liquid electrolyte running in the batteries which do not require replacement.

Cold Cranking Amps
Due to low temperatures in colder regions, the engine oil sometimes becomes semi-solid, making it quite challenging to start the vehicle. Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) is generally the power a battery supplies to the engine during start-up. Cars in colder regions typically possess a high CCA rating. So, when you go for buying a new battery, make sure that its CCA rating is the same as your existing one because not considering the same CCA rating battery can damage your vehicle.

Date Of Manufacture
When you go on buying anything, be it cosmetics or food products, you always check its manufacturing date to prevent yourself from any health issues. In the same manner, if you buy any new automotive battery, always check its manufacturing date to prevent your car from being damaged. Make sure that the new cells should not be older than three months from the date of their purchase.

This is certainly an important point to consider while choosing a battery. A battery with an extended warranty span qualifies for free replacement or repairs if issues arise.

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