Things you should apprehend before powering your home with Solar

Things you should apprehend before powering your home with Solar

Things you should apprehend before powering your home with Solar
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  • Nov 01, 2021

Solar panels have become a perfect energy-saving power solution for homeowners to scale back both power bills and carbon footprints. Several residential and commercial places are using solar panels as part of their energy plan to use natural sunlight as a helpful resource and make huge savings on electricity bills.

Although installing them in today’s time is not that difficult, there are certain things one needs to know and ensure before its installation.

Basic Considerations:
• Calculate your approximate energy needs and how much you plan to cover with a solar panel.
• Monthly and annual energy consumption.
• Optimizing the electrical wiring of the house.
• What maximum level of sunlight can you expect for the region?
• Roof direction
• Minimum shading

Number of Solar Panels Required:
It’s important to calculate the power consumption first to estimate the number of solar panels required in your household. To do this, make sure to know the amount of sunlight one receives and the complete energy consumption.

Equipment Requirements:
A solar system consists of solar panels, an inverter, and a battery. However, there are numerous solar panels and inverter batteries in the market.

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