Things you must know about your Truck Batteries!

know about your Truck Batteries

Things you must know about your Truck Batteries!

Truck Battery
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  • Oct 21, 2022

Battery is one of the most important components responsible for starting the engine and reliable operation of all electrical systems. Commercial vehicles like truck require heavy-duty batteries as these vehicles are typically used in severe operating conditions that impose special requirements for batteries.

Broadly defined, a vehicle can be considered a commercial vehicle when it,
• Belongs to a company or corporation
• Is used for business
• Is a leased vehicle
• Exceeds a certain weight and class

It is important to know the different types of batteries available in the market and which one is right for your needs. As always, there's more than one option - so make sure to do your research before settling with just one battery type! A truck battery gives truckers the ability to start their vehicles, operate various add-ons and lift gates that help them reach their destinations and deliver their payloads. If the truck battery fails, the truck sits idle; this leads to a costly downtime. These batteries are great for vehicles with start/stop systems and regenerative braking while operating in extreme weather and requiring high electrical demands. Trucks need heavy-duty batteries for their various requirements and functions. A battery is a contained unit that produces electricity. Trucks need higher values of capacity and cold start current. These parameters are greater than the ones of passenger car batteries. Thus, the batteries designed for trucks have a number of special features and differ markedly from the batteries for passenger cars. The various features of a Truck Battery are:
• Extended use
• Robustness and Durability
• Dependability
• High cranking power
• Endurance in Severe temperatures, Various weather conditions, Deep cycling use, High vibrations, Rugged terrains
• Extreme performance

The truck batteries have a reinforced structure, with high resistance to vibration. There are several benefits of using a commercial battery in truck as it improves performance and safety of the truck. The batteries are designed in a format which leads to corrosion resistance and longer life. Most truck batteries last between 3-5 years. However, there are many factors that affect battery performance like weight of load, temperature, time of day and duration of drive. The best way to maintain a truck battery is to have an annual service and also have it tested if you are unsure about its condition.

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