Tips for Maintaining Your Four-Wheeler Batteries

Four-Wheeler Batteries

Tips for Maintaining Your Four-Wheeler Batteries

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  • Dec 08, 2022

The potential of your four-wheeler is fully dependent on a well-maintained and managed battery. A right-maintained battery has a lifespan that practice improves your driving experience. Check your battery regularly to avoid all the hindrances.

In order to lower the possibility of failure, it is advised to inspect your battery twice a year. Every six months, check the levels of acid, if it is lower than the recommended level that never leads your battery to be fully charged. Weather and driving conditions can also shorten a battery's lifespan.

Examine the area for any danger indicators, such as warning lights, poor lighting, clicking noises, corrosion, or regularly depleted batteries.

You can maintain your four-wheeler batteries by:

-Avoid using power when the engine is off
When the engine is off, refrain from using your car's lights, sound system, or other power-consuming accessories. When you start the engine again, it can straight affect your car battery.

-Keep your battery insulated
Your car battery's lifespan may be shortened as a result of engine heat. Keeping your battery insulated prevents it from being overheated by the engine and reduces heat loss in the winter.

-Check distilled water levels regularly
Always use distilled water for your car battery and make sure to check the level of distilled water in your battery if it is not sealed frequently.

-Minimise Heat Exposure
When the battery is exposed to extreme heat, the battery life drastically lowers and makes the fluids in the battery evaporate. During winter the battery does not need much charge to start the car, but batteries can sometimes fail even during winter because of the damage already done during the summer season.

-Keep the battery clean
Dust accumulates over the battery with use and time, producing electrolyte loss and terminal corrosion. To prevent harm to your battery or other electrical components, remove any fuzz that is growing on the terminals right away.

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