Strategy to maintain a healthy car battery during a Summer trip

Tips For Summer Road Trip

Basic Car Maintenance Tips For a Summer Road Trip

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  • June 21, 2024

Days full of radiance, joyousness, and brightness are the traits of an average summer in India. It is the time when the sun peaks its shine and enlightens us with its divine radiance. A road trip to Manali or a car ride to the long and broad roads of Goa, all just enhances the experiences of our summer season. But in order to ensure total relief and comfort, we need to understand the Car battery's health before going on a trip. Maintaining your car is essential as you will be travelling a lot on the trip. So here are the detailed insights about understanding the important strategy for Car battery maintenance.

1. Adequate charging:- Both either overcharging and undercharging affect the car’s battery health in a negative way. Charging should be optimum following the battery's needs. So opt for the charger that has smart technology that understands the battery health and supplies an equitable amount of voltage.

2. Consider the age of the battery:- An old battery can be a considerable nuisance if it got stuck in the middle of your journey. It is usually advised to replace the car’s battery before heading towards a trip. The trip aims to release all your hustling tensions and deep dives into the magical world of immense happiness. So replace your current old worn-out, degraded car’s battery with Tesla Power USA. We provide the best car batteries with many utilities and functionalities.

3. Avoid short trips:- Refrain from planning a short-duration trip as it prevents the alternator from fully replenishing the energy expended during ignition, resulting in a gradual depletion of your battery's reserves. Instead of this, you should go for longer rides and trips as it will be also beneficial for your Car battery health.

4. Sustaining Strength:- Sustaining strength focuses on minimizing power drain by switching off all the electronic functions of the car when the car is parked. Ensures to park your car in shade areas. This will keep your car cool as extreme heat can damage batteries. This will improve the overall car battery health.

5. Book car battery health test:- The car battery health check can help predict potential battery failure before you're stranded on your trip. A professional car health check-up before going on your summer trip will give extra assurance to you in the context of Car battery maintenance.


Hence it is very important to understand the car’s battery health. As if it is the sun-soaked streets of Goa to the winding roads of Manali, your journey should be about capturing memories, not dealing with car troubles. To ensure the crowning touch, opt for Tesla Power USA which has various features highlighting from its contemporaries. It includes high CCA, the longest warranty period, durability, longevity, and very accountable customer support to always help you out. So making a purchase in Tesla Power USA depicts a total assurance in your trip.

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