Tips To Ensure Prolong Life Of Your Two-wheeler Battery

Tips To Ensure Prolong Life Of Your Two-wheeler Battery

Tips To Ensure Prolong Life Of Your Two-wheeler Battery
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  • Jun 09, 2021

A two-wheeler is not just a means of transport; it is a way of life! - Two-wheeler enthusiasts commonly say so. If you are also the one who loves your vehicle, you have to continually look for suggestions to take the right care of it. Tesla Power USA offers efficient batteries to protect your vehicle from unwanted happenings. Tesla Power USA Batteries are designed and manufactured with advanced, innovative USA technology and quality measures to safeguard all the two-wheeler components. So, go out and experience an awesome journey with Tesla Two Wheeler batteries.

Following are the tips that will help you get a prolonged two-wheeler battery life:

• Switch to LED lighting : Switching over to LED lighting is the easiest and most effective, one-time approach to make sure a prolonged battery life for your two-wheeler. Most motorcycle manufacturers use cheaper quality traditional tungsten halogen lamps in the headlights, taillights, and also in turn indicators which consume a lot of battery power. On the contrary, the latest quality lights are much more energy-efficient. Although the cost of those lights may be slightly high, the extra cost incurred will be offset by the longer life of bulbs and the battery.

• Disconnect inactive battery: The basic fundamental in all automotive electrical structures is that the engine of the vehicle powers them. Batteries provide power in a self-start gadget and lighting whilst the engine is off. As a result, two-wheelers are designed for charging the battery at the same time as you travel. In order to make sure that the battery lasts long, disconnect its terminals in case you have no plan to ride the bike for the coming few days.

• Keep checking electrolyte top-up level frequently: While most modern two-wheelers use sealed lead-acid batteries that are maintenance-free, there may be cases where the manufacturer has cut corners and sold you the two-wheeler with a Lead-acid battery. Likewise, it is a usual case with a second-hand two-wheeler, where the vendor may have sold you the two-wheeler with a cheaper battery. Every time you service your bike, check the electrolyte degrees and top up if necessary.

• Keep an extra battery charger: An extra battery charger is an effective tool for those who may not be using the bike frequently. An extra charger will ensure that your battery always remains topped up from the power grid, thus saving you fuel cost and engine wear.

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