Tips to Care & Maintain Avenger 220 Cruise Battery

Maintain Avenger 220 Cruise Battery

How to Properly Maintain and Care for Your Avenger 220 Cruise Battery ?

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  • Apr 09, 2024

A battery is the vital component of a bike responsible for powering the electrical components as well as powering the self-start motor. A battery performs various critical tasks to keep the vehicle's performance in optimal condition. 

So, it is very important to maintain and care for your battery if you need the best power and performance in your vehicle. Proper maintenance and care also reduce the chances of battery failure and keep the performance stable. Just by following some tips, you can improve your battery life, ensuring smooth and safer performance.

Delving into the article will highlight some tips regarding maintenance and care through which one can extend their Avenger 220 Cruise battery life.

5 Tips to Properly Maintain and Care Avenger Battery

  • Keep Track of Battery Charging Level

As batteries store electrical energy which is regularly replenished through regular charging. So, keeping track of the battery charging level might help you inspect any fault in your  It is also recommended to use the vehicle only if the battery is fully charged. Running a vehicle on a low charged battery might cause the battery to die quickly.

  • Clean Battery Terminals

Every battery is made up of 2 terminals, the negative and positive terminals. Bike batteries are lead acid batteries which result in the corrosion and deposition of dust in battery terminals over some time. So, continuing with all these things might result in poor performance and improper functioning of electrical components. So, it is important to regularly clean the terminals.

  • Top Up the Fluid 

Usually, lead-acid batteries are charged by the electrolytes present within the batteries. So, every time you charge or discharge the battery electrolyte will be required. It is recommended to regularly inspect the battery fluid level for the proper functioning of the battery. Don’t use RO water or Tap water as it negatively hampers the battery life.

  • Avoid Workload  

Many aftermarket accessories like high-capacity LED lights, headlamps, and powerful horns are the big enemy of batteries. Installing high-capacity aftermarket accessories drastically drains the battery power, resulting in lower performance of the battery. However, doing all these activities is also an illegal offence. To keep your battery lifelong, stay away from the aftermarket accessories.

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight 

You must have heard that leaving your bike in contact with direct sunlight reduces fuel efficiency due to vaporisation. You will be surprised to know that sunlight not only causes fuel vaporisation but also impacts battery health. Leaving your bike in an extremely high temperature can cause battery swelling and several other problems. So, if you are conscious of your battery health, you must park it in a shady place.


Not only humans, even the materialistic world also needs proper care and maintenance to extend their durability. Following the tip highlighted below, you can easily enhance the battery performance as well as life. If you are suffering from frequent battery failure, must choose Tesla Power USA batteries which offer the best batteries at an affordable rate. The batteries manufactured by Tesla are best known for power and performance.

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