Tips To Maintain Your Two-wheeler Battery In Good Condition

Tips To Maintain Your Two-wheeler Battery In Good Condition

Tips To Maintain Your Two-wheeler Battery In Good Condition
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  • Apr 28, 2021

The battery of your two-wheeler acts as a paramount element that helps in starting your motorcycle and delivers power to other parts of the two-wheeler like lights and horns when needed. While the battery keeps your motorcycle in good condition, then it is equally important for you to take care of the battery’s health.

There are a few factors that indicate that your bike battery’s health is getting weak:

• Horns and lights are not working properly
• Struggling with the starter motor while starting the bike
• Hearing a clicking sound while kicking the bike which comes from the starter that does not start
•The foul smell of Sulphur occurs while riding the bike

If you come through any of the above-mentioned problems in your battery, you should get it checked or replaced as soon as possible.

Battery Maintenance Tips
Orderly Inspection
It is necessary to do an orderly inspection at least once every month to prevent you from some pointless expenses so that you can take necessary measures on time to keep the battery in good condition.

Charge regularly
Even if the vehicle is not used for a long time, the battery should be charged regularly as charging can keep other parts of the vehicle working smoothly and efficiently.

Wipe off the terminals
It is a very common problem with the battery terminals that they get affected by corrosion and rust that make the battery weak. Therefore, the battery terminals should be cleaned properly to prevent corrosion, maintaining them in a dry condition all the time.

Fill up the electrolyte cells
Make sure to fill up the electrolyte cells with distilled water, if you are using conventional bike batteries. Moreover, the electrolyte levels should be kept within the marking ranges of the lower and upper limit.

Prevent excessive sulfate formation
Forming excessive sulfate on the surface of the battery is quite common but it leads to the breakdown of the battery. This excessive sulfate commonly occurred due to under or overcharging of the battery continuing for a long period of time. So, necessary steps should be taken to prevent the undue amount of sulfate on the battery.

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