Tips To Make Your Home Inverter Last Longer

Tips To Make Your Home Inverter Last Longer

Tips To Make Your Home Inverter Last Longer
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  • Sep 18, 2021

Earlier, people used to rely much on generators to provide power backup in the event of any unforeseen power cut. However, with the advancement of technology, numerous electric backup sources have been introduced to the market. The most common and effective backup option nowadays is an inverter, which supports nearly every household appliance. Even though inverter batteries require minor maintenance, it is generally a good idea to upkeep them for longevity.

Let us look for some crucial facts to extend the life of an inverter battery, ensuring a better power output.

Get the right battery: You need to select a good inverter battery for your home based on your home electricity backup requirements. Moreover, don’t forget to assess its Ampere-Hour capacity too.

Keep the battery dry and in an open place: A specific amount of power is released from the inverter batteries while being used or charged. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the battery in a dry and open area where the heat propagates properly, thereby preventing the inverter from getting damaged.

Power Cycle the inverter battery: To ensure the longevity of its battery life, it is essential to use the inverter regularly. However, if there are no power cuts at your home, you should power cycle the inverter every month by discharging it completely and then charging it again.

Prevent Overloading the Inverter: To prevent any damage to an inverter and its battery, it is necessary to ensure the maximum capacity of your home. Therefore, make sure to plug in the most essential appliances with the inverter battery power backup during power cuts.

Do not use defective batteries: If you feel that the inverter battery at your home is discharging faster than usual, better not to use it anymore as it can lead to several dangerous circumstances. Hence, if there is such a battery in your household, replace it all at once.

If there are major power cuts in your region, it is highly advisable to install an inverter battery at your home to provide power backup solutions to nearly all household appliances. To purchase high-quality inverter batteries at reasonable rates, you can rely on the Tesla Power USA brand. Check out the nearby Tesla Power Shop to enjoy a satisfactory purchase experience of inverter batteries at affordable cost and higher life span.

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