Tips to prevent your inverter Batteries during winters!

Prevent your inverter Batteries during winters

Tips to prevent your inverter Batteries during winters!

inverter Batteries during winters
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  • Oct 07, 2022

Lead-acid batteries are widely used in inverter batteries. Winters can be the season of battery death. Hence, it's critical to take care of your inverter batteries and protect them from damage during winters. As the temperature drops below freezing, it becomes more difficult for the inverter's battery to function. It's the time to have your inverter battery serviced for the winters by a reputable service center. But how does the cold weather affect inverter batteries? A battery is an electrochemical device that stores and converts electrical energy. The electrolyte in the batteries becomes colder, reducing its liquidity and, as a result, its conductivity. This can reduce the battery's power output by as much as 15% to 20%. Cold weather seems to have an effect on battery life even with lithium batteries. Temperatures below 32 degrees Celsius reduce lead-acid efficiency and usable capacity by 70-80%.

There are numerous ways to secure your inverter batteries in the winter, including the following:
• Always use a well-ventilated area for inverter installation.
• Use the battery regularly after installation if a power outage does not occur, completely discharge the battery once a month and then recharge it.
• Every two months, check the battery's water level.
• Always keep the battery's surface and sides clean and dust-free. To clean these surfaces, use a cotton cloth.
• Keep the battery terminals free of corrosion and rust.
• Blocked vents cause hydrogen gas accumulation, which can cause the battery to burst.
• Install the inverter in a safe location in your home that is out of reach of children or in a less used area.
• If your battery is dead or damaged, replace it.

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