Top Features of Four-Wheeler Batteries by Tesla Power USA

Top Features of Four-Wheeler Batteries

Top Features of Four-Wheeler Batteries by Tesla Power USA

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  • Nov 16, 2022

Tesla Power's high-performance automotive batteries provide a powerful ride on India's busy highways and rough lanes. Batteries are the life source of your four-wheeler. Tesla Power USA is a one-stop solution for all of your battery needs.

Tesla Power USA offers the most extensive and modern range of maintenance-free batteries that provide power and high-cranking performance.

There are some top features of four-wheeler batteries by Tesla Power USA that provides you with power which include:

1. Optimized Grid Structure: Tesla Power USA provides an optimized grid structure to your automotive batteries which are made in order to give you a perfect power-packed ride. It enables you to get a high-cranking performance with an accurate robust designed structure.

2. American Technology: These automotive batteries are made with American technology that made the batteries to sustain in Indian weather tropical climates. These car batteries are made of best-grade pure lead PP containers with a robust design and high vibration resistance to perform best in all ground conditions.

3. Negligible Water Loss: Tesla Power USA ensures negligible water loss. We use the expanded metal grid technology and double chamber container with a condensation mechanism which leads towards the low self-discharge in your automotive batteries.

4. Longest Warranty: Tesla Power USA always wants to give you the best with their best automotive batteries hence we provide you with the longest warranty of 72* months and free doorstep maintenance.

Tesla Power USA also offers an annual maintenance contract (AMC) in the form of a service provider agreement for the repair and maintenance of batteries used by customers at their doorstep. Experience innovative products and technology with Tesla Power USA. You can visit the nearest Tesla Power Shop for a happy buying experience with our products and services.

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