Top tips to fight with overheating problems in inverter

Top tips to fight with overheating problems

Top tips to fight with overheating problems in inverter

Overheating Problems
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  • Oct 12, 2022

Inverter batteries tend to overheat due to various reasons. Whatever the reason, inverter overheating is never a good sign. It can deplete your battery’s life expectancy, its performance and in some extreme cases, it can even result in a blast.

Few more possible reasons for an inverter battery to overheat include:

1. Wrong switch selection in inverter: Your inverter has a battery selection switch on the back. You can select the type of battery you're using with the inverter by using this switch. A problem with overheating may arise if you select the wrong option in this switch. To keep these issues under control, make sure to check the battery selection switch which lets you select the inverter operations based on selected battery type. Choose the option according to the type of battery attached with the inverter

2. Incorrect selection of charging current jumper: The battery capacity should be taken into consideration while choosing the charging current jumper. Check the charging current jumper switch at the back of your battery. If you have selected higher current jumper against the low Ah battery it will lead to heating up of battery.

3. Inverter Failure: There is a chance that your inverter will fail if the charging voltage exceeds the maximum charging level. Overheating in the battery could be a result of your inverter failing. In this case, you should call the helpline number for your inverter brand and have it checked or repaired. If your inverter is old enough, you should think about replacing it.

4. Problems in inverter battery: There could be a variety of issues within the inverter battery that may cause it to overheat.

• This can be caused by a short circuit, a loose internal connection, or contamination from external objects. If your battery fails internally, you should have it repaired or replace it if it is more than 3 years old.
• If you have frequent power outages and your battery is constantly undercharged, it will become sulfated and overheat. Make sure that it is not discharged or undercharged for an extended period of time. It should be given enough time to charge itself.

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