Traits of a Powerful and Long-Lasting Tractor Battery

Traits of a Powerful and Long-Lasting Tractor Battery

Traits of a Powerful and Long-Lasting Tractor Battery
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  • Oct 06, 2021

In an agriculture-dependent developing country, farmers are the core of the economy. In the technologically improving world of the 21st century, tractors are farmers’ best companions. Tractors are not only limited to agricultural work but are also required in construction-related work and transportation services. However, the confidentiality behind a powerfully and smoothly running tractor lies in its excellent battery, which is efficiently designed by the world-class battery manufacturer, Tesla Power USA, ensuring durability with no maintenance.

Let us know what makes a tractor battery excellent:

1. High capacity: A tractor battery becomes suitable based on its power to deliver more Amp-hours for the required electrical configuration. If you get this right, you are assured of long hours of uninterrupted work and mileage.

2. Side Venting Design: The gases escape properly from the side venting, protecting the tractor battery to ensure a prolonged life. Ups and downs lead to pressure building inside, but this design works against it.

3. Short Circuit Protection: Shock, short circuit, and vibration resistance ensure long tractor battery life. Stability is necessary to cope with variations in voltage peaks.

4. SLA technology: SLA composition of batteries specifies protection from leakage and shock in any high or low terrain, along with making your stay away from maintenance problems.


5. Compatibility & Durability: If the essential ingredients of durability, including electrical configuration for power and safeguard, are not properly stabilized, pressure can be built inside, resulting in the untimely death of the battery. Moreover, don’t forget to select the compatible battery based on the tractor model.

6. Leakage Proof: A tractor battery should contain leak-proof technology to deal with diverse, rugged roads. Ensuring leak-proof technology can provide you with a hassle-free work experience.

7. Rust Resistant: Rust is the opponent of all machinery and its batteries. However, you can possibly say goodbye to rust forever, ensuring an efficient technology of batteries.

Want to buy a new tractor battery? Make sure to check the above-mentioned qualities before going for buying a tractor battery that can tackle all terrain, weather, and soil conditions. Tesla Power USA is the one-stop solution for buying the latest technology tractor batteries. Tesla Power USA is the pioneer in manufacturing automotive batteries and providing the same in India.

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