What is Meant by Pro-Rata Battery Warranties

Pro-rata Warranty on Batteries

What is Meant by Pro-rata Warranties on Batteries

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  • March 16, 2023

What is a pro-rata warranty?

A pro-rata warranty is a contract that protects buyers when they purchase a product. With such a guarantee, the seller commits to repair and/or replace certain parts of a product if they become defective during the contract period. Pro-rata warranties are often given for items with longer life spans or that are more expensive; for example, vehicles and electronics may be covered by a pro-rata guarantee. The receipt for the pro-rata warranty is known as a warranty card. In some cases, this is known as a free replacement warranty.

Process of Pro-Rata Warranty

In rare situations, sellers may request that the buyer fill out a questionnaire with information regarding the battery's storage and usage. This information assists them in determining if the battery was used properly and whether the buyer followed the required safety requirements. Once the buyer has provided the required documents, the manufacturer will determine if a pro-rata warranty is available. If this is the case, the buyer will either receive a replacement battery or a refund. It offers an ideal balance of client incentives and business profit. This is the original warranty given by the company or seller on the purchase of their products.

This means that if a product  fails prior to the end of its warranty period, it will be replaced or repaired as usual, but only for the cost depending on the product's age at the time of failure. In essence, a pro-rata warranty gradually reduces the value of your purchase. Because only a portion of the initial cost is covered, this kind of guarantee is also frequently referred to as a partial warranty. 

Tesla Power USA provides pro-rata warranties.

Tesla Power USA offers pro-rata warranties on its batteries to ensure customer satisfaction. If your battery fails during the pro-rata warranty cycle, you will receive a reduction in the current price of the freshly replaced battery based on the value of the battery. From the date of purchase until the date of the complaint, the pro-rata warranty is calculated.

For example, if a battery has 12+12  (free of charge + pro-rata) months of total warranty and fails in the 18th month, then 75% of the battery's worth will be taken from its current price at that time. You will receive a 25% discount on the price of the freshly replaced battery. This concludes that every purchase with Tesla Power USA is secure.

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