Why Do Car Batteries Drain In The Winter?

Car Batteries Drain In The Winter

Why Do Car Batteries Drain In The Winter?

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  • Jan 23, 2023

The winter months are a point of concern for car batteries because this is the season when your car batteries need to be replaced since the extreme cold temperature puts a lot of pressure on them. Your car is dealing with two problems at once as a result of the cold: oil and engine problems and power loss due to sluggish chemical reactions.

When winter arrives, the chemical reactions taking place within a lead-acid battery are slowed down by the cold temperatures, further decreasing the performance of your battery.

Car Batteries Drain

1. Rapid Chemical Changes and Power Loss
Cold temperatures reduce the battery life by 30%–60%. While driving, your battery spontaneously recharges, but getting it started is a barrier that must be overcome first. The majority of batteries operate by sending electrical signals to their terminal ends through an electrochemical process. In colder climates, this chemical process takes longer to complete, reducing the power of your battery.

2. Engine and Oil Issues
Your car's oil gets substantially thicker as the temperature drops. Low temperatures also put stress on the radiator, belts, and hoses, among other internal parts. All of this causes your engine to slow down, requiring more energy to start. This might prevent your engine from starting due to the reduced power your battery has to supply.

Although your battery won't always tell you before it run out, some typical symptoms are worth looking out for:
● Slower engine rotation
● Corrosion in the casing or at a positive post that is white or light blue.
● Older than three years, the battery
● Headlights turn from white to dim yellow
● Failure of electronic accessories
● Dim Dome Lights
● The car horn sounds strange.

It’s a good idea to take care of your vehicles battery before you go out on a vacation. This will make sure you will have a great drive without any hassle. In case of any breakdown, you can always look for the nearest Tesla Power Shop and opt the Best Automotive Battery with longest warranty and a hassle-free service promise.

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