Here's What you should know about parasitic drain in your car

You should know about parasitic drain in your car

Here's What you should know about parasitic drain in your car

Parasitic Drain in your Car
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  • Aug 03, 2022

Have you been experiencing problems with battery life? You just spent your hard-earned money on a brand-new battery, only to have it die on you a few months later. Your first inclination may be to contact the battery manufacturer's customer service line and vent your frustrations about the product's quality.

Unfortunately, the only noticeable symptom of the parasitic drain in a vehicle is a battery that dies unexpectedly often. But what, exactly, is a parasitic drain? How can you be sure? And how do you make sure it's not happening before spending a fortune on batteries that won't do the trick?

Parasitic Drain: what is it and how does it work?
When the car is turned off, the electrical system can still drain power from the battery, through a phenomenon known as parasitic drain. This isn't the same thing that happens when you forget to turn off your headlights or leave the door partially open, causing the lights to remain on all night. When everything is turned off in this mode, the battery still discharges electricity.

Parasitic Drain: Diagnosis and Treatment
A multimeter will be necessary for the diagnosis of this issue. The procedure is as follows:

● Be sure the engine is off and the key is out of the ignition.

● You need to set the multimeter's DC Amps mode to the maximum. Taking these precautions will keep the gadget in working order.

● Next, disconnect your battery terminal's negative battery cable. The color must be black. To avoid a short circuit, the wire must not come into contact with any grounded object.

● The probes of the multimeter are then linked to the power source via the cable that runs from the battery. Take care not to touch the multimeter while you carefully level the battery terminal.

● To determine the parasitic drain, you should now consult your multimeter's display. If no reading appears, gradually lower the dial until a reading is seen.

In most modern automobiles, the average value is between 50 and 85 mA. A value below 50 mA is preferable for older vehicles. If your meter's reading is greater than either of these thresholds, you have a wiring problem that requires the attention of a trained technician. One of the circuit designs that supply energy to the various electronic components in your car could be broken. The problem with the electrical part can be fixed by your mechanic, who ought to be able to track it down.

If your parasitic drain falls within the average range, what then? Still, it's on you to maintain the health of your car's battery. It's important to give your car ample time to charge by driving it frequently and going on longer trips occasionally.

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