Your Guide to Inverter Batteries

Your Guide to Inverter Batteries

Your Guide to Inverter Batteries

Guide Inverter Batteries
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  • Aug 21, 2022

To begin, let's define an inverter battery.
The battery is a crucial component of an inverter's life. The inverter takes AC power from the grid and transforms it into DC power that can be stored in a battery. After a blackout, the inverter will convert DC power from the battery into AC power that can be used to keep the lights on and the refrigerator running.

Our top-quality inverter batteries come in three distinct varieties, each distinguished by a unique plate technology:

● Batteries that use GEL technology
● Batteries With Tubular Plates
● The Third Generation: Flat Plate Batteries

1. GEL Batteries
Lead acid Gel batteries offer dependable power for a longer period than regular lead-acid batteries. The acid is held in place and sedimentation is prevented by the unique crisscross gel structure of these. In addition, they provide more reserve capacity per cycle than a regular inundated lead acid battery. There is a small premium for GEL batteries over regular flooded lead acid batteries due to the high-tech components used in their construction.

Why do we need to know about the advantages of GEL batteries?
Gel batteries are better for the environment and the air quality in your home or workplace because they release fewer harmful gases. There is also no chance of acid leakage because it is sealed. It requires no special care once set up. Throughout their entire service life, these batteries won't need any additional watering. Last but not least, these batteries offer reasonably consistent power backup for the duration of their service life.

Further Advantages:
● No upkeep is required
● Useful for long-duration discharge cycles
● No or minimal off-gassing (unless overcharged)
● Perfect for delicate electronic devices

2. Energy Storage Devices With Tubular Plates
There are positive and negative plates in a lead acid battery, and they are both shaped geometrically in a certain way. Tubular elements make up the positive plates of these batteries, while flat plates make up the negative.

Positive plates are tubular and provide additional support for the inverter battery's active chemical components to be kept in place. The active chemical is held securely in place on these plates by a tubular support mechanism. If you live in an area where there are frequent and lengthy blackouts, such as tier 2 or tier 3 metropolitan areas, these inverter batteries are your best bet. When compared to a flat plate battery, the best tubular battery for a home inverter is typically larger.

The high efficiency of tubular plate technology, combined with cutting-edge high-tech filling processes and machines, has allowed manufacturers to reduce costs and produce competitively priced inverter batteries using only the best tubular power pack.

In what ways does Tubular Battery excel?
For sustained power backup, a tubular battery for a power converter is superior in design and durability. Compared to other inverter batteries, this one requires fewer refills of water.

There is typically a longer service contract period for tubular batteries because they are more long-lasting than flat plate batteries. It's important to choose a tubular battery based on how much room you have to keep it in your home, as they come in a variety of container sizes. The top inverter batteries can be broken down even further into two groups: short tubular batteries (ST / TJ) and high tubular batteries (TT).

First, in comparison to a tall tubular battery, a short tubular battery has more height but less width. This inverter battery provides more space and portability savings.

When compared to a short tubular battery and a flat plate battery, a Tall Tubular Battery is taller but narrower. It's ideal for households without a pressing need to conserve space, and it provides a marginally longer backup time.

3. Batteries with Flat Plates
Flat plate batteries are frequently mentioned as the best inverter batteries to buy online. The best inverter batteries are these, for use in cities prone to blackouts. If we consider the plates, we find that the FLAT PLATE battery has both positive and negative plates and has a shape that can be described as flat using geometry.

Why is a flat plate battery superior?
These batteries are recommended, as mentioned, for areas that experience frequent but very short blackouts. There is less strain on your finances thanks to the low cost of inverter batteries, but their lifespan is shorter than that of tubular inverter batteries. These types of batteries can be charged more quickly and for shorter periods. The warranty on these batteries is typically much shorter than that of tubular batteries.

Our Tesla Power USA flat plate batteries have the lowest water loss and longest life spans in the industry. Although tubular batteries are more efficient in some ways, Tesla Power USA flat plate batteries' improved longevity makes them a top choice for India's inverter battery market. Understanding the significance of battery capacity is just as important as knowing about the different types of the finest inverter battery.

The Capacity of the Batteries:
The capacity of a battery is the total amount of power it can deliver over its operational lifetime. There are batteries on the market with capacities ranging from 100 Ah to 220 Ah. How do you determine which option is best for you? Based on this estimation, you can determine the optimal battery capacity for your requirements.

You're in luck because Tesla Power USA has developed a load formula that employs a clever algorithm to determine the appropriate requirement of your power backup. It's important to remember that the voltage level of almost all lead acid batteries used in inverters is 12 V. As the inverter's load increases, its wattage capacity grows in tandem. Higher inverter power operates at higher voltage, typically in multiples of 12V such as 24V, 36V, etc. A 24 V inverter will need two 12 V batteries. Your appliances will be safer from damage caused by power oscillations during blackouts if you have invested in a high-quality inverter battery. So think carefully about your requirements before purchasing an inverter battery in India.

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