Should bike batteries be maintained?

Bike Battery Maintenance

Do Bike Batteries Need Any Maintenance?

Bike Batteries
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  • Feb 09, 2023

To maximize the performance of your bike, proper battery management and maintenance is essential. A battery with a prolonged lifespan greatly improves the riding experience as it can last for a considerable portion of the motorcycle's life. Here are seven maintenance tips to optimize the performance of your bike battery:

• Check-ups on a regular basis
To keep the bike battery functioning optimally, it is recommended to conduct regular inspections, with a monthly check-up being the ideal frequency. This helps to prevent any issues and maintain the battery in good condition.

• Electrolyte concentrations
Regular monitoring of the electrolyte levels in conventional lead-acid batteries is crucial to ensure they stay within the designated upper and lower limits as indicated on the battery container. While topping up to the limit, the electrolyte should be handled with caution.

• Terminal cleaning
To avoid corrosion and maintain dryness, it's important to thoroughly clean the nearby regions and terminals. The electrolyte in your battery can leak out and contaminate the terminals. The build-up of dirt can corrode the metal surface of the terminals and lead to sparking issues due to inadequate contact. The corrosive electrolyte can cause the formation of rust, thus reducing the battery's overall conductivity.

• Check that the terminals are securely fastened
There is a risk of sparking if the connection between the battery terminals is loose. Sparks are harmful to battery longevity as they result in a high current drain from the battery in a brief time frame. To minimize the risk of sparking, use a wrench or spanner to tighten the terminal nuts on the battery. Also applying grease to the battery terminals after each service prevents the external contaminants from causing rust.

• Keep excessive sulphate from forming
Sulfation is the accumulation of lead sulfate on the surface of the lead plates inside a battery. It reduces the battery's ability to hold a charge and can lead to battery failure if it becomes excessive. Sulfation is a normal by-product of battery operation, but can be accelerated by overcharging or undercharging the battery. Precautions should be taken to prevent excessive sulfation of the battery.

• Charges on a regular basis
Even when not in use for an extended period, the battery should be charged on a regular basis. Discharging the battery in an ideal state can harm it; therefore, keeping the battery charged every month, even if it is not in use is advisable.

• Take good care of yourself
Be cautious and take necessary precautions to prevent injury while maintaining the battery. Do not allow the battery to discharge while in close proximity. Always wear protective gear, such as gloves and goggles, when handling acid and other chemicals associated with the battery.

In addition to the above suggestions, it is recommended to keep your bike in a protected area, away from natural elements. Wind, rain, and even direct sunlight can result in rust or paint damage to your bike.

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