Signs Indicating the Upgradation of a Heavy-Duty Vehicle Battery

Signs Indicating the Upgradation of a Heavy-Duty Vehicle Battery

Signs Indicating the Upgradation of a Heavy-Duty Vehicle Battery
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  • Jan 22, 2022

A battery is necessary to start the engine of a truck and powers other major on-board electronics, including air conditioning, audio or video accessories, and security systems. A heavy-duty vehicle, however, will present several signs to indicate that its battery needs some attention, if not a full replacement.

Following is a list of some common signs that it is time to replace the battery.

Slow-cranking of the engine when being started: The Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) rating indicates the power generally available to crank the engine in a vehicle. If the vehicle is slow to start, the battery may need replacement or a health check.

Lights dim or problems with electronic or electrical devices: As with a slow start, dim lights or slow operation of windows and power locks can indicate that the battery is somehow compromised and needs to be replaced.

Engine won’t start after it was turned off or overnight: If the battery does not operate properly after being idle for several hours or shortly after the engine is started and shut off, these problems may indicate that the battery is near the end of life, and in need of replacement.

Accessory runtime is decreasing: Loads on the vehicle require higher reserve capacity. If the regular runtime of the vehicle accessories is decreasing, it may be a sign of dying or a weak battery. In this case, either battery health-check or replacement should be considered.

The vehicle is operated in extreme temperature conditions: Battery performance and life is impacted by temperature. So, if a vehicle works in extremely cold weather, a battery is needed with the highest CCA available to ensure reliable starts.

The vehicle is operated in high vibration environments: Battery life is impacted by high vibration, so if a vehicle is frequently exposed to high vibration, it is best to choose a battery that is resistant to vibration conditions.


Using high-quality batteries with advance technology, such as Tesla Power USA batteries with modern technology, may provide longer life and more reliable service. As heavy vehicle drivers are confronted with increasing demands, such as larger loads and works in extreme weather conditions, the benefits of powerful and long-lasting tractor batteries can provide tranquillity.

Automotive charged batteries from Tesla Power USA give your vehicle extra durability and extra life and the other major features of the batteries are as below:
A. High Cranking Performance
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Tesla Power USA with its largest service network and customer-first promise provides the best high-power heavy duty batteries that ensure the longest life and low maintenance. You can easily choose the best battery as per your vehicle requirements by visiting the nearest Tesla Power Shop in your city.

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